Oct 8, 2013

League Of Legends Invites You To Get Jinxed

I stopped playing League of Legends a while ago-like various addictive substances, MOBA's are a dangerous breed to the artist seeking to make a living. Their beckoning call of 'casual' 45 minute matches inevitably lead to hours of trying to recoup lost win-streaks, copious amounts of money 'invested' into skins (Mundo always had the best) and champions and numerous force-uninstalls. It was like a bad habit I couldn't shake for a while, an awfully fun one at that.

Disturbing personal addiction stories aside, Riot's definitely excelled into turning League of Legends into a cultural phenom akin to the early days of World of Warcraft. Their attention to lore, their fans and their top notch promotional materials has allowed them to cement themselves as a powerhouse in the game industry, as well as cornering a good chunk of the MOBA market. Their latest cinematic, simply created to promote an upcoming character called Jinx is just a testament as to how much work they put into every champion and release, using a fun mix of 2D and 3D animation to show off her trigger happy ways.

Fun story: I fondly remember being invited to a small E3 party hosted by the Riot guys in 2009 when they first showed off an early version of League of Legends and allowed us to take it for a spin. After a round of destroying party goers with Singed and marveling at the streamlined, fun gameplay I stood up right then and there, shook Guinsoo's hand (One of the main creators of DOTA All Stars and consequently League of Legends) and told him: This is going to be huge. The rest is history, and I couldn't be happier for their success. In the meanwhile I'm going to go make some more items for Dota 2 to pay for Awesomerobo bills.

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