Aug 16, 2013

Mega64 Brings Back All The Nick Arcade Nostalgia For A New Generation

Interesting times are upon us folks, 90s television is no longer a memory of the recent past and the television we once watched has vanished from the minds of millions. We now have an entire generation that will never know the joys of Saved by the Bell, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, and most importantly Nick Arcade. Thankfully, Mega64 is looking to change that with Nick Arcade 2013, rebooted for an entirely new generation. It might not be the show you quite remember, but it's close enough, right?

While funny, this skit holds a lot of sad truths about the current focus of the video game industry. Where it once stood as an outlet for fun and goofiness that could be broadcasted on national television, it's slowly evolved into an over-budgeted kill fest. Of course there are still plenty of gaming gems being developed, the popular is no longer about just fun, it's about hollywood-esque entertainment. Now, excuse me while I go hole up in my room and rock myself to sleep with a pouch of Capri Sun under my Eddie Vedder poster.

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