Aug 17, 2013

The Legend Of Zelda Movie - Footage Of The Canceled 2007 Pitch Surfaces

In the last few days, a number of users uploaded this fascinating footage of a canceled pitch to Nintendo for a CG Legend Of Zelda movie, created by the Hong Kong based studio IMAGI, best known for their work on the Astro Boy and CG TMNT features. Created in the same house style that the studio has become well known for, it showcases an even more stylized take on the franchise that would have probably been best suited for Western audiences, with cameos by Link, Princess Zelda and of course, Ganondorf.

After some research all we know is that Nintendo shut the project down with little hesitation, which can be attributed to a much more protective stance towards their franchises following that bizarre 90's live action Super Mario Bros. movie that left many scratching their heads. It's definitely an interesting look at what could have been, although with the current precedent of adapting video games into movies, perhaps these memorable franchises would be better off left on consoles. Studio IMAGI declined to comment on the leaked footage, but it really leaves us wondering what other unfulfilled pitches lay dormant in their studio archives.

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