Aug 16, 2013

3D Printed Final Fantasy VII Characters Are A Beautiful Thing

3D-printing has already begun to revolutionize production with how easily/inexpensive parts can be made, but let's be honest here if there's anything I'm most excited for it's the custom figure market. Animator and part-time 3D sculptor, Joaquin Baldwin has provided the world a great service with these Final Fantasy VII figures, giving us a chance to experience each character in-person with all their blocky-beauty. It's truly an awesome way to celebrate the awesomeness that was Final Fantasy VII in a way I haven't seen before.

Printed to mimic the in-game avatars, if there was ever a set to complete this would be it. Each figure will run you around $13-$32 (so a pretty penny if you wanna collect them all) but it appears that Baldwin is currently sold out. While we sit here and wait for a restock, you can hit the jump for a close up on some of the figures, I really want me some of that Cait Sith action.

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