Jul 15, 2013

The Fantasy Art Of Jasper Esjing

Jasper Esjing is a renown illustrator and painter based out of Denmark who's life changed on a fateful Christmas day in 1986, when he came into possession of a Dungeons & Dragons rulebook. Amidst flipping through the pages of the book and checking out the crude illustrations he had an epiphany that would shape his life and career: He would become a fantasy artist and make a living illustrating things.

While things initially took a strange turn for the artist when he embarked on a college course to study Danish Literature and Art History, he eventually dropped out and became a full time freelancer. 20 years after that fateful Christmas day, he finally received that first Wizards of the Coast illustration for Dungeons & Dragons, and he hasn't looked back, getting a chance to work on major franchises like Pathfinder and Magic The Gathering. Esjing is noteworthy for mostly working in a more traditional format with paints, while also incorporating digital at times to correct or spice up his artwork from time to time. Check out more of his amazingly painterly, colorful fantasy illustration work after the break!

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