Jul 15, 2013

Worth Checking Out - Lionheart Drive

Austin based devleoper Rotochrome, a team comprised of visual artist Zak Ayles and musician Phillip Lanzbom just recently Kickstarter their upcoming episodic experimental game project dubbed as Lionheart Drive, a visually striking adventure game about a journalist uncovering a mind blowing plot during his investigation of seven people gone mysteriously missing. The gameplay style looks like it might emulate the point and click adventure games of back in the day paired with a retro-futuristic visual flair.

The coolest thing about the game is that by simply backing it at the $7 limit, the backers will also bundle it with a full soundtrack and 7 smaller scale indie titles being developed in collaboration with BrainGale, an awesome indie and art developer collective that continues to grow with each passing day. I honestly couldn't pass up on this one for the sheer amount of stuff they're offering, so head on over to their Kickstarter page and back them up! 

Lionheart Drive (Aka Lioness) is an experimental adventure game about human connection. The player controls Eggert Kirby, a freelance journalist, as he conducts research for an article about a series of seven mysteriously missing people. Of course, nothing is as it seems and he soon befriends a nicotine addicted cat and unravels a plot involving time-travel, yakuza, and interdimensional coffee.

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