Jul 12, 2013

The Best Of MolyJam 2013

MolyJam is one of my favorite of the game jams; what started as a parody for the ridiculous things said by Peter Molyneux, has quickly evolved into an event with some incredibly fun (yet hilarious) indie games made from around the world. Last year MolyJam surprised me with some of the most innovative and creative games to come out of any 48-hour game jam, this year is no different.

While I haven't had a chance to go through all of the games quite yet, I have had a chance to play quite a few. To celebrate the end of MolyJam we're showcasing some of the games that have stood out above the rest. This year we saw a lot wider range of excellent entries, so choosing a small selection was rather difficult.

After the break are five of the best, check it out!

A Tale Of Two Maps (With all games on this list, you follow them back to their page and try them for yourself!)

The beautiful thing about MolyJam is the content each game draws it's inspiration from, the direct quotes of Peter Molyneux. The first game up on this list, A Tale Of Two Maps, draws direct inspiration from one of my favorite Molyneux quotes, "Mini-maps are shit. They're shit because you make these multimillion-dollar games, and people play them staring at these little dots".

To simply spite Molyneux, A Tale Of Two Maps forces players to use their minimap as much as they do the main screen in order to lineup the correct path. It's a short puzzle game, but the concept is awesome, it's something I'd love to see expanded upon one day.

Simon & Dene Go To Prison

Simon & Dene Go To Prison is a nifty little multiplayer rhythm game which takes place in Peter Molyneux's head. Two prisoners sit on opposite sides of a wall as each player presses buttons to the rhythm. It's a simple game, but gets relatively challenging as it goes on, plus seeing a pissed off sleepy Molyneux is awesome in it's own respective ways.

As ridiculous as it sounds, it's even more ridiculous when you play it. Dickadoodle is game where you start with a drawing of (you guessed it) a dick, from there it's up to you draw a beautiful scene incorporating the phallic shape in the least intruding way possible. Once you're done you can upload your masterpiece for the world to see. It's definitely a lot more fun than it seems.

Oh who the hell am I kidding? It's the funniest game I've seen in ages.

Time Travel Knight!

Time Travel Knight is by far the most polished entry I got my hands on. In this action adventure game you start in a dead wasteland, to fix everything you must go back in time and re-live the events that unfold. For a 48-hour project, this definitely blew me away with how much content is actually included. Once again, this is definitely another title that I'd love to be expanded upon, it could turn into something huge.


Timecode was by far the most visually appealing game out of everything I saw. The vivid colors and sharp visuals really added to the overall quality. Timecode is a rhythm driven action/puzzle game in which all game triggers only activate on beat. This means that all damage, door unlocks, and movementare based off the game's music. 

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