Jul 12, 2013

Homo Ferus By Johnny Dombrowski

Self proclaimed 'alleyway illustrator' John Dombrowski just recently shared a hefty dose of fantastic new illustrations showing off his spreading reputation in the art world with his perpetually moody work, including his take on Guillermo Del Toro's bombastic Pacific Rim Jaeger, Gipsy Danger. The illustator has been busy since joining the New York based Society Of Illustrators, providing work for a variety of magazines, custom poster collectives and a healthy dose of personal projects to keep him well rounded.

His clients at this point have included companies including Wired, Maxim, Billboard, Bloomberg, DC Comics, Penthouse and many more with an ever growing list of accolades. Check out a smattering of new pieces by Dombrowski after the break, including a piece for Star Trek: Into Darkness and his Homo Ferus series.

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