Jul 18, 2013

Backbone: An End of Curriculum Project With Infinite Potential

Jaws were dropped and minds began to spin in the span of two minutes with student made short, Backbone. Created as an end of curriculum project for the French visual communications school, ECV this 2-minute short is definitely something to write home about. While not necessarily an action packed short, the amount of possibility for future expansions is unfathomable and exciting to think about. Telling the story of a lone explorer, Backbone's protagonist is thrown into a dangerous situation, forcing them to rely on the help from an unlikely source.

If you haven't watched the short yet get to it, because I'm going to start throwing spoilers in your face after this sentence. The idea of a living creature providing oxygen in a place that would otherwise be unlivable is an incredibly awesome concept. The thought of adventure between the protagonist and the creature as the terraform a planet sounds amazing, and would lend extremely well to suspenseful situations. 

I have a pretty high tendency to state that I'd love to see a solid project be expanded upon, but Backbone is definitely a project that would benefit from proving as much content as possible. Be it film, comic, or even video game it needs to happen, the potential for this is absolutely astronomical.

After the break I've provided four story board panels which show a few interesting changes that took place during the making of this short. Check 'em out.

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