Jul 18, 2013

Worth Checking Out: Tangiers Kickstarter

When Tangiers first reared it's dark and twisted head I couldn't help but get excited for the avant-garde stealth game. While the the Thief series has always held a dark vibe, it doesn't even compare to the world of Tangiers. The dark ambient soundtrack is mind-numbing and really creates an intense feeling of dread as you wander the city. Ever since the game's announcement I've been following news closely, and it looks like the time has come to draw a bit more attention to the games production.

To finish production of the game in a timely matter Alex Harvey and the team at Looking Glass Studio has started a Kickstarter asking for £35,000, a miniscule amount if you consider the overall vision for this project. With the project currently sitting at around £5,000 there's still a way to go, so let's get cracking!

Even more exciting is that team has confirmed more gameplay will be released throughout the campaign. The first piece uploaded is amazing looking, and the progress they've made is fantastic and already incredibly eery and engaging. Check out the first gameplay video after the break.

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