Jul 17, 2013

Studio Wolf Smoke's "Batman Of Shanghai"

Created as a collaboration between DC comics and the excellent Chinese indie animation studio known as Wolf Smoke, Batman Of Shanghai is an awesome 'what if' take on the franchise featuring redesigned versions of Batman, Catwoman and Bane if they were actually based out of China. On their quest to get their hands on an artifact known as the 'Scroll Of Destiny,' their paths intertwine and all hell breaks loose.

Studio Wolf Smoke's signature kinetic animation style is front and center here, with some absolutely amazing action sequences, hyper exaggerated poses and some really cool sumi-ink effects reminiscent of Street Fighter IV's 'ink attacks.' The short was created for the DC Nation series on Cartoon Network, which features different animation studios distinct takes on DC franchises. Check out part 2 and 3 of the Batman Of Shanghai short after the break.

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