Jun 20, 2013

Postino - "I Love It"

Having a bad day? Week not exactly shaping up the way you expected? Annoyed that it's not Friday yet? Well hell, here's an amazing music video feautring a girl in an adorable deer costume jamming her way around town with her posse of fellow deer/elk/moose monsters. Directed by Will Kindrick of Mummy Space Island Productions, he mentioned that the process of making this music video was so fun that it canceled out the fact that him and his cinematographer were sick as hell during production.

Fantastic energy to it, colorful and pretty much to the point in it's message, the entire funky affair is feel-good all the way, and strangely reminiscent of Where The Wild Things Are. As a London based South Korean DJ, Postino (Junho Lee) is definitely noteworthy for being one of the first producers to top European charts in history. And regarding his name and background, Postino means 'Postman' in Italian, an alias that Junho explained he was inspired to pick based off of his vision that electro music could be as warm and full of meaning as a hard written letter. I can get behind that message, because this video definitely put a smile on our faces.

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