Jun 20, 2013

Olly Moss Offers Video Game Doodle Prints At Random

We've featured Olly Moss more times than I can count, but the dude never ceases to impress us with his varying styles and projects. Over the past few months, Olly Moss has been doodling video  game characters in his spare time and after multiple requests he's finally offering each doodle as a print, but there's a twist! Through Olly's store you can purchase either one print or three prints at a time, but they're all random, so you'll never know what you'll get!

The above image shows your chance for getting each print, and some of those are looking nigh impossible to get, but keep your fingers crossed. You can head over to Olly Moss' Bigcartel here and purchase a single 5x5" print for $15, or a pack of 3 for $40.

Check the break for a better look at each print and decide how much money you're willing to drop to get the ones you want.


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