Jun 20, 2013

The Art Of Goro Fujita - Giving Color To Emotions

Goro Fujita currently resides in Redwood Shores, home to Dreamworks Animation where he's resided as a Visual Development artist over the last 5 years or so. Fujita's role? Creating color keys for franchises like Madagascar, Megamind and unannounced projects. Color keys serve the purpose of establishing the colors and mood of a certain sequence, a color storyboard of sorts that goes hand in hand with the emotional aspects of any particular scene.

One of Goro's color scripts for Madagascar 3.
Goro's really amazing in this regard, possessing an intimate understanding of color theory and their effect on viewers. As an unrelated example, ever notice how restaurants typically always have warm, inviting colors like rich oranges and reds, while most fast food restaurants possess desaturated colors and cold, blue fluorescent lighting? Warm color schemes increase your appetite and help you relax, whereas the latter color scheme example was formulated to prevent loitering in restaurants by making people feel uncomfortable.

There are psychological aspects associated with different colors, and anyone with an intimate understanding of such can use them to their advantage. Goro is one of these people, and plays a key role in making sure that the 'color script' is appropriate with the story. The result is an artist who isn't overly focused on painting detailed environments, but focusing on mood and color. Check out some of Goro's personal work showcasing these principles after the break!

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