Jun 4, 2013

Cartoon Network's Awesome Summer Collab Animation

This awesome collab project for Cartoon Network's signature summer ident was created as a collaboration between 6 studios. Featuring the chippy music of Impactist, each team was offered 10 seconds of music with a limited 4 color palette and a set cast of iconic characters from Adventure Time, The Amazing World Of Gumball and others to create an exquisite corpse style animation, stitched together following a few months of production.

For those unfamiliar with that terminology, exquisite corpse (Taken from the French term Cadavre Exquis) is a method for putting together a collection of images or words through collective assembly, with each collaborator adding their own unique take on a theme. The individuals and studios that collaborated on this awesome little collab, in order: Alex Grigg, Eamonn O'Neill, Impactist, leCRCR, Rubber House & Awesome Inc.

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