May 14, 2013

Trigger Studio's KILL la KILL

Studio Trigger is probably the most exciting thing to happen in the Japanese animation world for quite some time. After the fantastic work put into Little Witch Academia, the amount of hype for the studios next project, KILL la KILL is astronomical.

Directed by ex-Gainax director Hiroyuki Imaishi (Dead Leaves, Gurren Lagann, Panty & Stocking), this new series is definitely something worth keeping an eye on if only for the fact that it represents the studio's first televised series. While not much has been released for the upcoming series, the above teaser is a pretty good represen-. . . alright, it's a f*cking tease and I really want to see more. C'mon Trigger, give us more!

After the break are three promotional images that give a bit better look at the main character of the series.

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