May 14, 2013

Worth Checking Out: A.N.N.E

I'm loving the Metroidvania love indie devs have been giving recently, I honestly don't think there's a genre that captures my full attention quite as much. The newest game to join the fray of the upcoming Metroidvania-style game is A.N.N.E, a love letter to all things Metroid and Castlevania mixed with the fantastic SHMUP, Gradius. With only 8 days left as of now, the game has finally reached it's Kickstarter goal!

Developed a single, wonderful, beautiful and loving man (plus a little bit of help here and there), A.N.N.E is definitely an indie title worth looking out for. While I might never get tired of this style of game, A.N.N.E has definitely stood out as one of the best in-class. If you'd like to further the game's development, head over to the Kickstarter and help reach those stretch goals!

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