May 14, 2013

Animation Roundup - FL'UX, Short Peace, Caveirão

The newest trailer for the Short Peace anime anthology featuring some of the best directors in the anime industry today just dropped, including: Redline’s Katsuhito Ishii, Freedom's Shuhei Morita and Super Robot Wars' Hajime Katoki, Koji Morimoto and of course, Katsuhiro Otomo of Akira and Steamboy fame. The shorts all seem like they'll share a similar hybrid style, mixing 3D and 2D in varying degrees. Can't wait for this one!

Created by Shawn Kim as his thesis at the OTIS College of Art and Design, FL'UX is a bite sized taste of Shawn's skills, featuring a futuristic desert racer and his journey into the abyss. Abstract, but slick looking.

Caveirão is the newest work from Guillerme Marcondes, best known for his incredible opening credits to Bunraku. Originally teased as The Master's Voice back in 2012, it seems like the art style for the project has changed while retaining the same concept of ghost stories based off of urban Brazilian folklore. With a rather intriguing mix of live action, 2D and 3D, we'll be keeping an eye out for this one.

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