May 1, 2013

Project Kronos

Excuse my language with the opening of this post but, f*ck yeah Sci-Fi! It seems the genre has reached a second coming in terms of sheer quality and originality. With the fantastic films hitting theaters to the independent work found online, there is truly something for every niche of the genre. Even with all of the quality out there, it isn't every day that I manage to come across a short filled with as much potential as seen in Hasraf 'HaZ' Dulull's Project Kronos.

Using a style similar to what can be seen in scientific documentaries, the fictitious Space Agency describes their journey into space using the human brain as nothing more than a computerized hard drive. That in itself is enough to spur up some interesting debate on how we perceive the human soul. The entire short does an amazing job at painting a believable scientific journey and I often found myself losing touch with reality as I fell into the constructed world, it's truly a mind bender.

I fully expect to see quite a few Hollywood heads turn towards Dulull once this video goes viral, because it's absolutely destined for it. If I don't hear more about the continuation of this film in the coming months I'll eat my shoe, because this is truly an incredible piece of cinema that deserves to be expanded upon.

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