Mar 18, 2013

Skullgirls Support Continues to Amaze

I don't think I'll be able to forgive myself for being so late to post this, but it's important to inform you about the Skullgirls Indiegogo campaign if you don't already know about it. Normally I try to avoid posting campaigns that have been funded to infinity and beyond, but Skullgirls and it's community is truly something special.

Last year, after the unfortunate demise of Reverge Labs all seemed doomed for the Skullgirls developer but shortly thereafter the team reformed to create Lab Zero Games. After efforts to push Skullgirls into the limelight during EVO, things started to look pretty grim for the developers once again. It's truly a shame to see a company like Reverge Labs/Lab Zero get brushed aside amongst other competition, especially after witnessing the amount of love the crew puts into their work.

Luckily, the community behind Skullgirls has something to say about the entire ordeal. 
In late February, Lab Zero began their Indiego campaign in order to help fund their half-complete DLC character which was promptly met within 24 hours. While some of the gaming community called shenanigans on the studio's requirement of $150k, Lab Zero was adamant that the costs stated were the bare minimum to keep the studio afloat (spoiler alert: games are expensive and you're an idiot if you think otherwise). Even after the met goal, fans still continue to donate pushing funds to over $430k. It's incredibly heartwarming to see the amount of support fans continue to pour into this title and I'm truly hoping to see this campaign keep Lab Zero afloat for at least another year, they deserve EVO. 
Big Band

With just 10 days left, Lab Zero has included a third stretch goal character (after their second, Big Band, as seen above) for reaching $600K. Let's keep this money train moving guys, Skullgirls is honestly one of the most refreshing fighting titles in quite sometime, and the amount of quality oozes from all over. Get in on the campaign over here.

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