Mar 27, 2013

Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain Trailer

It's finally out. Following a few arduous months of relentless teasing by Hideo Kojima regarding the cryptic Phantom Pain project and Ground Zeroes, it turns out that the joke was on us yet again, as Metal Gear Solid V is both of those projects combined. You wily devil, Kojima.

Featuring a fitting song by Garbage called 'Not Your Kind Of People,' the 6 minute trailer features 100% in game footage showcasing the attention to detail that we've only come to expect from the folks at Kojima productions. Phantom Pain is supposedly slated for release on PS3 and Xbox360 at some point with similarities to Peace Walker's base building gameplay.

Whereas Ground Zeroes, according to Kojima will star Big Boss, best known for his role in the Metal Gear prequels. So in conclusion, the next gen game will be a prequel to Phantom Pain, which will also tie in to Metal Gear Solid V somehow. If you're confused at this point in regards to these choices, you're not alone..Answers will arrive in due time. Sit back and take in this stunning 6 minute trailer of everything that these games will have to offer, and ask yourself: 'How does Solid Snake play into any of these titles?' With all the mentions of comas, two Foxes coming from one and implied deaths...I'm going to throw out one word and theory: Clones.

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