Feb 27, 2013

The Exquisite Corpse Series By Ankama

Created as a fun team building exercise by the staff of Ankama, the French animation studio responsible for the excellent looking Wakfu animation series (Yet to make the leap overseas), Exquisite Corpse is the result of an exercise involving 17 animators. Each artist was tasked with animating a small sequence (266 frames) that would tie in to the next one with no thematic limitations, creating a seamless animated sequence showcasing a small piece of each animator's style and personality.

Check out part two after the beak! The animators names, in no particular order: Naoki Araiza, Tokumasu, Floriane Grivillers, Julien Maret, Thomas Fourniret, Büb, David Besnier, Vincent Legarrec, Valerie Ménard, Sophie Dupont, David Decobert, Jean-Philippe Florin, Simon Coroller, Remi Juillet, Kosal Sok, Claudia Delahaye, Benoit Somville, Lucie Mayjonade and Carlo Toselli.

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