Feb 27, 2013

Awesome-Robo Podcast #13 : Return To Form!

After a multi-month podcast hiatus we (Myself and Robogal) return to discuss our whereabouts, news regarding developments on Awesome-Robo.com including the aftermath of the AwesomeRobo Kickstarter and lessons learned. We also delve into the Oscars, opinions on animated features and the VFX industry controversy sparked by Ang Lee's Life Of Pi as well as touching on the community's reaction to the Playstation 4 keynote.

The podcast returns in an improved format, using the Google+ Hangout feature, which we will be rolling out to include our other cast members in future episodes. In other news, the Awesome-Robo.com store will be launching by the end of the week, featuring all the shirts printed thanks to the amazing support we received on the Awesome-Robo Apparel Kickstarter from our readers. Thank you guys again for that, we're incredibly grateful!

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