Feb 27, 2013

The Environmental Art Of Eytan Zana

Eytan Zana is a California based concept artist with a knack for environmental concepting, having nailed the delicate balance of value, lighting, perspective, textural detail and atmospheric perspective to generate some truly impressive work. Zana is currently employed at Naughty Dog, currently working on the much hyped Last Of Us following getting a few Uncharted titles under his belt.

If there's one thing that's interesting about Naughty Dog, I get the impression that the majority of the concepting team over there mainly specialize in environment art, as their characters typically don't entail a lot of design work due to the realism aspect. It's a stark contrast to studios like Vigil (RIP), which placed a lot of emphasis on characters due to their heavily stylized aspects. Check out more of Eytan's gorgeous, painterly work after the break.

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