Jan 10, 2013

The Awesome Indie FREE Game Bundle

The Humble Indie Bundle is definitely awesome with it's "pay what you want" model for a package of some seriously amazing indie games. While you can download games for as little as $0 (P.S. don't do that, it makes you an ass hole and you'll probably feel bad about yourself), it's impossible to pass up an opportunity that is legitimately 100% free. The developers behind the awesome cyberpunk text-adventure game CYPHER are back, this time with The Free Indie Bundle giving gamers a chance to try out a batch of indie games they might have never touched.

Bundles like this really show indie dev's passion for games, as they provide their blood, sweat, and tears for gamers completely free of charge. I highly suggest you jump over here and give each game a chance, as their all amazingly fun titles. You don't have to feel bad about downloading these games for free either!

Also, I'd just like to share, Abobo's Big Adventure might be one of the best games of all time.

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