Mar 30, 2014

Human Revolution - A Stunning, Fanmade Deus Ex Short Film

Directed by Moe Charif of Dcode films, Human Revolution is a high end, fanmade short film that's been in the works for over 2 years. And honestly, it looks like it was worth the lengthy wait. For anyone familiar with the narrative of the critically acclaimed 2011 followup to Deus Ex, the game follows the story of Adam Jensen, a security consultant who finds himself augmented following an accident that nearly takes his life. This short in particular is more centered around his kidnapped girlfriend Megan Reed, who is asked by her captors to activate a mysterious device against her will.

Upon Adam pinpointing her location, what follows is probably the closest thing we'll ever see to a Deus Ex themed cinematic experience, including some absolutely stunning cyborg action sequences. We're also given a glimpse into Adam's daily struggles with the fate that was handed to him against his will. I never asked for this.

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