Jan 10, 2013

Qualcomm At CES 2013 : The Keynote Of Insanity

We though that cringe inducing, awful keynote speeches were reserved to E3, but we were wrong. The contagion of horrifically overthought, focus group tested, sterile alien life forms that corporations assume will 'connect' with their 'demo,' has spread to the Consumer Electronics Expo, which is actually taking place right now.

Qualcomm, a telecom company decided to stage this absolutely baffling display of sheer insanity, awkwardness and nonsensical cameos. I realize that companies hold these events to engage audiences but just like the Mr. Caffeine debacle that we suffered through in 2011, grating, shrill caricatures of what 'gadget users' like you and me are supposed to be like just show how hilariously out of touch the people who stage these events are. And Gangnam Style jokes in 2013? F*** me.

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