Dec 23, 2012

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - All Star Battle Gets A Shiny New Trailer

Another new trailer arrives for the upcoming Jojo's Bizarre Adventure : All Stars Battle, a title that will thankfully be heading to US shores. The folks at Namco/Bandai have been doing a fantastic job of showing off just how faithfully they can adopt manga series into videogame form, especially ever since they finally nailed the formula with the Naruto : Ultimate Ninja Storm series.

Based off of the ongoing series by Hirohiko Akari, who has been writing and illustrating the series for 25 years now, the game will feature characters from the eight chapters created since 1987, with an emphasis on staying loyal to the narrative. You guys should really check out the manga if you're looking for something truly outside the box, the man has a knack for coming up with some of the craziest concepts I've ever had the joy of reading. Just to give you a frame of reference in terms of how influential Akari has been as a mangaka, he was invited by the Musée du Louvre to contribute work for their comic exhibition, as well as collaborations with Gucci, Lawson and other companies.

Created for the 2009 'Le Louvre invite la bande dessinée' exhibition in Paris (The Louvre Invites Comic-Strip Art)

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