Dec 23, 2012

The Miniature Worlds Of Lori Nix

When most people think about photography as an art form, they typically picture artists geared up with a half dozen, multi-thousand dollar lenses traveling around the world to find that perfect shot. Lori Nix doesn't quite fit that mold, instead opting to create her own worlds and subject matter via a passion for miniature building and a love of American Impressionism (Hudson River Painters).

Her various photo sets have all shared a bit of a disaster theme, ranging from natural anomalies in her 'Accidentally Kansas' to a post apocalyptic city frozen in time in 'The City.' Despite the rather grim themes, the playful nature of the materials she works with temper the gravitas of the scenes she masterfully captures through her lens. If you're a sucker for attention to detail, check out more of her work after the break!

All works (C) Lori Nix

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