Nov 20, 2012

Planetside 2 Art By Ukitakumuki

Are you guys aware that Planetside 2 is finally out, and that it's free to play? Featuring some of the most ridiculously beautiful lighting systems I've seen in a game, the followup to the original MMOFPS just went live today, so get on it! If you've wanted to taste what next gen might look like about a year or two in advance, this is your chance. The title uses a proprietary new engine called 'Forgelight,' which Sony will be using for their future MMO's, and from what I've seen it looks absolutely stunning.

In honor of the return of a franchise that has been dormant for over a decade, we've gathered a ton of awesome concept art created by Singaporean artist Ukitakumuki, which you can check out after the break!

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