Nov 21, 2012

Jack The Giant Slayer Official Trailer

The classic tale of Jack and Jill gets the epic treatment in this upcoming 2013 release from Warner Brothers/New Line, narrating the re-imagined tale of a war reignited when a young farmhand accidentally creates a gateway (Beanstalk) between earth and the realm of the giants. A princess is accidentally put in harms way in the process, and Jack volunteers to lead a mission to get her back. While I was initially hoping that this was going to be a fully animated feature due to how stylized the giants were, it's a hybrid of practical actors and full CG giants/environments.

This might actually have a 50/50 chance of being decent, considering Bryan Singer's somewhat inconsistent directorial record (Xmen 2, Valkyrie, Superman Returns), so I'd say this one might be worth waiting on reviews for. Fun fact: This film was originally titled 'Jack the Giant Killer,' but toned down to be more accessible for a PG-13 audience. And if you're getting a Lord Of The Rings vibe from this movie, it was intentionally filmed in UK forests where J.R.R Tolkien got his inspiration to write the Hobbit, most notably the ancient woodland of Puzzlewood.

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