Nov 21, 2012

2088 Teaser - The Future Is Coming

I absolutely agree, but where on earth is the hype? This teaser trailer was released by Steven Illous nearly 4 months ago and about a week ago on Youtube, but has received virtually no coverage despite looking absolutely incredible. The minute long short gives us a taste of a futuristic Los Angeles and a routine traffic stop gone terribly wrong, and left us wanting more.

After tracing the teaser back to their website, it seems that the 2088 teaser is the beginning of a multiplatform initiative to build an 'experience' to captivate an audience and create anticipation for the feature film's launch. 2007's Paranormal Activity used a similar form of this viral marketing strategy, releasing teasers of the movie while simultaneously inviting users to demand that the movie be released in their city via a social media driven effort, which proved to be tremendously successful. If 2088 is headed down this direction, I'll definitely be following the development of this property.

As well as being the writer and director, Steven also happens to be the founder of SMI Entertainment, a VFX studio that has created work for clients including Kanye West, Deadmaus, World Of Tanks, GQ, Pepsi and more, with a plan to venture into feature film territory. Aside from 2088, they are also at work on another feature film proof of concept called Shifter. If you're interested in seeing the type of art they're drawing inspiration from to build the world of 2088, check out their Tumblr.

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