Nov 20, 2012

Blue Sky's Epic Gets It's First Official Trailer

Blue Sky's upcoming animated feature takes us deep into a miniature world where a battle rages between the forces that seek to keep the natural world alive and those that seek to destroy it. Starring a teenage girl called Mary (Amanda Seyfried) who sets off to find her father in this magical world, it looks like she's going to get a little more than she bargained for in the process.

While the movie shows some definite promise, I can't help but draw some comparisons to movies that have had similar thematic premises, like Avatar and 1992's Ferngully, yet with a less heavy-handed treatment of the environmental aspects. Chris Wedge is helming the film, best known for providing the voice of Scrat in all the Ice Age movies and spinoffs (11 and counting), as well as directing Robots and the first Ice Age feature. The movie is currently in post production, with an expected 2013 release date.

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