Jan 27, 2015

The First Teaser for the Fantastic Four Reboot Looks Intriguing

When news first broke of Marvel's attempt to wipe the slate of Tim Story's Fantastic Four series in the wake of the MCU's second wind, I was understandably reluctant to pronounce interest. The first two films, however well-meaning, strayed too far from the spirit of their source-material and ran along the spectrum of being either nauseatingly campy or frustratingly unfaithful (Galactus is a storm cloud?!). However, the release of this first teaser trailer does look interesting, so let's keep an open-mind, hmm?
Déjà vu à la Mass Effect, anyone?
Josh Trank is the director behind one of my favorite superhero style movies in recent memory (Chronicle) and Simon Kinberg's got a decent track record for screenwriting.The film looks decidedly more "edgy" than its predecessors, the casting of Michael B. Jordan and Toby Kebbell as the Human Torch and Dr. Doom respectively has me intrigued. We'll have to wait until August 7th to see if these decisions will pan out into a great film, but for now my verdict is cautious enthusiasm.

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