Jan 15, 2015

'After You Die' Answers An Age-Old Question In The Cheekiest Way

Comedian Cartoonist Ramin Nazer's picture-book "After You Die" is a colorful and irreverent look at one of the otherwise most solemn and universal questions of the human condition; What happens after I die? Proudly proclaiming itself as non-denominational, After You Die combines robots, skeletons, surprise parties, the fourth dimension and Super Jail-esque visual to chart a hilarious road-trip through the annals of the after-life. Condensing the concepts of Ghosticism, Christianity, Existentialism, and Solipsism in a way that's both hilarious and easy to understand.

If you feel like having a physical book to flip through and show to your friends, Check out his personal website and order a copy!

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