Nov 2, 2014

Awesome-Robo Inktober Round-Up 2014!

Day 22, Spraybot (Greg Baldwin)
Salutations Awesome-Robonauts! I have emerged once again from the depths of another hibernation cycle to bring you the fruits of yet another bountiful Inktober! Since it was first established by illustrator Jake Parker, Inktober has steadily grown into an Internet-wide celebration of creativity, the embracing of challenging new mediums, and the tireless continued commitment to artistic growth.

Though Inktober has been going on since 2009, we here at Awesome-Robo HQ only first caught wind of it last year through Emerson Tung's gorgeously mythic illustrations. In the spirit of the season, we have taken the liberty of combing through the vast number of submissions to bring you six of the most astonishingly impressive contributors to the Inktober event. Check 'em out below the break, and start prepping for next year!

Creaturebox (Dave Guertin + Greg Baldwin)

Day 1 "Flyboys"
Day 6 "Lockjaw"
Day 15 "Numb Skull"
Day 20 "Static shock"
Day 23 "Fresh Weld"
Day 25 "New Adventures"
Day 27 "The Emoticon"
Sidharth Chaturvedi

Day 2 "Hail Satan"
Day 5 "Rebound"
Day 11 "Chess"
Day 12 "Bad Unicorn"
Day 20 "Avada Kedavra"
Day 24 "Spawn"
Day 28 "At Sea"
Day 30 "Free"
Day 31 "And We're Done."
Emerson Tung

Day 9 "What happens when you strap three sharks into a mech suit."
Day 11 "Corgi Commando"
Day 15 "BIG-O"
Day 26 "Heavy Metal"
Day 3 "OG Megazord (a.k.a why being a kid in the 90s was awesome.)"
Day 29 "Jaeger"
Ania Tomicka

Day 23 "The Boy Who Lived"
Day 30
Day 1
Day 11 "Jon Snow"
Day 18
Raul Trevino

Day 17 "Smile"
Day 8 "Vespa Biker"
Day 14 "Zombee"
Day 16 "Manurhin Concorde Scooter"
Day 19 "Tinkers of the Wasteland"
Day 22 "Silly Gal"
Day 26 "The Story of Adrian"
Josh Matamoros

Day 8 "A gentleman from another world"
Day 10
Day 14 "The Multitasker - procrastinator"
Day 17 "My Pet Monster"
Day 22 "Robot beast in the forest"
Day 31 "Book worm"

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