Sep 25, 2014

'The Animated Adventures Of Buffy' Is The Spin-Off That Fans Deserve

I was never much intrigued by the apocalyptic misadventures of Buffy the Vampire Slayer back when it was on the air. Recently though, after having finally bitten the bullet and binge-watched what some might delicately describe as a "terrifying" amount of the show, I found myself now starved for more of Whedon's magnum opus.

That's where animator Stephen Byrne comes in with this fantastic fan-made opening that doubles as not only an achingly beautiful reminder of the spin-off that never was, but also a loving tribute to Ms. Summers and her lovable misfit band of Scoobies. Not to mention that terrific theme song cover, courtesy of Jeff Ball. Has someone told Joss Whedon about this yet?!

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