Jun 2, 2014

The Art Of Godzilla - Japanese Fanart Edition

With the release of the latest attempt at a western Godzilla looming for Chinese and Japanese markets, I think everyone is curious to see whether the country that exported the 'god of all monsters' will warm up to this second attempt. The first of course being the 1998 Roland Emmerich Godzilla that was so universally reviled in Japan that Toho officially renamed the creature in that film 'Zilla,' accusing Emmerich of taking the God out of Godzilla. That's harsh to say the least, but you really can't blame them from wanting to distance themselves from that awful movie.

Aside from the fat shaming that this redesigned, 'thick' version of Godzilla got on websites like 2chan, there does seem to be some hope abroad that this version will address the mistakes of the past. So in order to gauge the anticipation of Japanese audiences in a true AwesomeRobo fashion, we headed over to the Japanese art communities to see how things were going from a fanart standpoint. Overall we found quite a cool few pieces dedicated to Godzilla 2014, as he's being referred to overseas, including the absolutely amazing tribute by artist Genzoman, pictured above.

While the pre-release hype of Godzilla abroad hasn't quite matched up to the levels reached with Del Toro's incredibly entertaining Kaiju-Mecha flick Pacific Rim, the fanart so far is definitely promising. Check out more Godzilla fanart by the artists of Pixiv, after the break.

Sea Battle Artist: Chinmidori
Godzilla Artist: Daison
Godzilla BW Artist: Katoyouu
Roaring Feedback Artist: Hise
Raging Storm Artist: Alagan
Godzilla 2014 Artist: ED
God Of Monsters Artist: FerioWind
Chibi Godzilla Artist: Sa Doi
Heating Up Artist: Izzarchon
Skreeonk Artist: Abe
The Big G Artist: Idon

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