Jun 12, 2014

Robo Reminder - "How To Train Your Dragon 2" Releases Tomorrow

Get hype! How To Train Your Dragon 2 is coming out tomorrow in theaters and the media barrage has begun already. Trailers are dropping, shots are being fired- Certain trailers are already saying it's More fun than Frozen! Featuring Hiccup and Toothless reuniting with his mother in order to counter a new threat- A dragon controlling antagonists called Drago Bludvist who's intent on taking over their hometown of Berk and eventually the world.

After learning a little bit about Dreamworks from some folks I talked to, I came to realize that there's a bunch of different teams at play on various projects..And the one that worked on How To Train Your Dragon 2 was the equivalent of the A-team, some of the same people who brought us the first Kung Fu Panda and moved on to create the original installment of this franchise. Get your tickets already!

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