Jun 12, 2014

"The Legend Of Korra" - Book 3 Trailer

While The Legend Of Korra - Book 2 was marred with quite a few stumbles, some minor character development issues, a tame villain and a slightly unsatisfying ending, I've still got my hopes up for the next chapter of the franchise. And the trailer is quite promising, and seems intent to address alot of issues present in the second season of the franchise.

No words in this trailer- Just an amazing score by Jeremy Zuckerman as we witness the return of characters like Tenzin leading an entire brigade of Airbenders, Jinora in the spirit realm, Korra on a glider and many new faces overall. The animation seems as awesome and fluid as ever, with plenty of amazing looking action to look forward to with minor plot snippets throughout.

Such a curious show for Nick, as it continues to walk a fine line between a kid and adult's show (More lean towards that). I guess that might be part of the overall appeal of Korra. No announced date yet for the release of this new season, but I get the feeling that Studio Pierrot has listened to their fans for Book 3, codenamed 'Change.' 

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