May 7, 2014

Welcome To The Future - Fox Cancels ADHD, Troubling Standard Set For Animators

Despite Fox's Animation Domination getting canceled recently, it seems that the folks at the studio behind ADHD (Friends Night) are going strong till the end. This new animated look at the future narrates the power of expectation vs reality. So much for flying cars, capsule food and sky apartments!

Fun short aside, Fox seems to be continuing their relationship with the studio by ordering two new shows due to the fact that the studio has proven to be more cost effective than the Seth McFarlane produced Bob's Burgers and Family Guy. As in, low wages and no benefits for their employees according to the LA based animation guild, which asked some very interesting questions about Fox taking this unusual step.

It makes sense that the studio found a way to survive by taking on whatever project was given to them in the face of cancellation, but in the long run it might set a troubling precedent for animators getting lower wages and benefits with some of the major networks. After seeing how the VFX industry was damaged over time by companies being forced to accept ever lower bids due to competition fostered by the major film studios, this move seems like the initial step in a troubling direction.

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