May 2, 2014

Tuneyards - "Water Fountain"

Merrill Garbus of Tuneyards channeled her innner fantasy of being part of a retro after school TV special in Water Fountain, which visually resembles a blended up slurry of Peewee's Playhouse and every Nickelodeon Jr. show ever made. The track is fun, schizophrenic affair filled with colorful vignettes and characters, which perfectly accompany the equally quirky indie pop sound.

Director Joel Kefali shared some thoughts: I’d had plenty of ideas for a kid’s show that had been waiting to see the light of day. I didn’t want to make a straight homage piece; there are moments of nostalgia in there but the video is our own modern, manic, collage of a kids show. Like many great kids shows I wanted to cram in as many ideas as possible and sneak in the occasional wink to the art world, contemporary and historic.

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