May 2, 2014

The Art Of Kali Ciesemier - Ceasefire

New York based freelancer Kali Ciesemier captivated us with her broad range of work, ranging from badass scifi illustrations to editorial pieces for high end publications. As a self described lover of color and everything fantastic her attitude definitely shows in her wonderfully stylized work, which employ a fantastic usage of flat colors to add a nice, chunky pop to her pieces.

Having originally started off as a concept artist at the now defunct Big Huge Games, best known for their Kingdoms Of Amalur and a handful of real time strategy titles, Kali transitioned off into the freelancer route. And she's done quite well for herself, providing work for companies including Cartoon Network, Google, Harper Collins, LA Times, the New York Times, the New Yorker, Scholastic and many others.

More than anything I love her sense of color and visual balance in her compositions, which are always bold and visually stimulating. Check out more of her awesome work after the break!

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