May 7, 2014

"The Unsung Soldier" Miyu Studio Announces Their WWI Animated Feature

French animated collective Miyu studios just announced that they're hard at work on a new docudrama called Le Soldat Meconnu (The Unsung Soldier), which narrates the unfortunate tale of a soldier in the final hours of WWI.

The feature will employ a mix of live and animated sequences to retell the tale of this unsung soldier, who suffered a most unfortunate fate. The black and white sequences have a truly unsettling feel to them, replicating the gritty look of archival footage from that war.

In November 11, 1918 the war came to an end over an armistice signed in the forest of Compi├Ęgne between the Allies and German nations. When word hit the 415th regiment on the bank of Meuse, where intense fighting was still ongoing between French and German sides, soldier Augustin Trebuchon was tasked with spreading the word about the cease fire to the various outposts. Trebuchon would ultimately be killed by a bullet to the head a few minutes before the cease-fire, symbolizing the absurdity of war as a whole. A total of ten million soldiers lost their lives in the conflict.

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