May 5, 2014

The Art Of Ricardo Bessa

Ricardo Bessa is a London based illustrator originally hailing from the tiny town of Penafiel, Portgual. His pieces all employ a similar, vivid style to them and occasionally incorporate loose elements of mythology. Bess also tends to place himself into his own illustrations from time to time, which implies that the pieces also have a personal meaning to them that are left open to our own interpretations.

The organic feel that we found in Bessa's artwork is thanks to his process, which involves scanning up sketches and coloring them in Photoshop. Choosing to not clean up the sketches gives his pieces a really cool feel post color, relying on the happy mistakes from graphite to add a distinct visual overlay that is more difficult to replicate in digital formats. Enjoy a nice sampling of pieces from Bessa's portfolio after the break!

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