May 5, 2014

I Decided To Leave

It was 9:54 when I decided to leave...Dan Britt's surreal animated short employs the same type of nonlinear narratives that we've come to be accustomed to thanks to Christopher Nolan movies like Memento. We are presented with the past, present and future existences of an individual who finally decides to act on his dissatisfaction with his current life as a 9-5 employee stuck in the daily grind. Devoid of any meaning to his existence, he can no longer bear his aimless route.

The narratives are all intertwined in a manner that is rather abstract at first thanks to the stream of consciousness style presentation, but we're ultimately made to realize that he's already freed himself. Really enjoyed the simple low poly style that Dan Britt employed, a trend that seems to have been popularized by the widely influential works of David O' Reilly.

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