May 3, 2014

Prepare To Die In "Super Time Force" - Launching Very Soon

The fine folks at Capybara games have finally unveiled the release date for their unique side scrolling shoot 'em up/puzzler hybrid Super Time Force, along with a fresh new gameplay trailer. While it resembles a Contra-esque shooter on first glance, the title actually incorporates a unique rewinding feature that allows you to build up an army of former 'ghost' comrades to tackle the challenging levels. The expectation is that you're going to have to die, a lot in order to build up a firesquad capable of tackling the bullet hell that will be unleashed on you.

The title will be arriving May 14th for Xbox consoles, but I'm really hoping the title will eventually make it over to Steam and other consoles shortly after the exclusivity period wears out. Zackasaurus is my favorite character out of the bunch.

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