May 21, 2014

Paul Robertson's Bubble Bobble Themed Tribute To Everything (And More Goodies)

Now that Mercenary Kings is finally out and doing great, Aussie pixel pseudo-god Paul Robertson has gone back to making regular posts on his Tumblr. His latest post features his heartfelt tribute to the first arcade game he ever laid eyes on, the classic Bubble Bobble by Taito. Channeling his inner child, he crafted over 100 Bubble Bobble-ified takes on chracters from every pop culture corner conceivable, ranging from anime, 90's cartoons, videogames and beyond.

Robertson has also been up to some really amazing pixel gif creations, which you can check out after the break. And as a secondary reminder, Mercenary Kings is the gaming equivalent of Metal Slug and Borderlands having a beautiful pixelated baby, and I personally can't get enough of it. Pick it up on PS4 or PC.

Bubble Bobble was the first game I ever played in the arcades and it pretty much decided what my career was going to be. So I thought I’d try out some Taito inspired characters. There’s 100 all up 

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