May 19, 2014

Elwood Pie - The Pilot

Elwood Pie is a 12 year old kid living in Mud Lake, probably the weirdest place on the planet. And he's the star of this pilot by Kapow Pictures, which seems to take elements from Disney's paranormal themed Gravity Falls and add the twist of a boy obsessed with collecting and trading strange souvenirs with beings from different dimensions including monsters, aliens and beyond. Just like any good pitch video, Kapow successfully encapsulated the entire premise of Elwood Pie in just under a minute.

Elwood's hobby takes him on adventures far beyond the fringes of Mud Lake. Each episode features weird stories and urban myths all told from a kid's perspective. Repairing a crashed UFO for a lost alien, helping a Ghost Biker make the leap into the 5th dimension and unearthing a frozen caveman in the freezer section of the local Shop 'n Save is all in a day's work when you're the most fearless collector of the bizarre, the gruesome and the downright weird!

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