Apr 21, 2014

The Timeless - An Absolutely Incredible, 64 Kilobyte Animation

Created by demoscene programmer The Mercury, The Timeless is one of the most impressive demos I've seen in years, created at Revision demoparty 2014 in Germany. These parties are competitions with an emphasis on creativity, featuring hundreds to thousands of creators under a roof spending a weekend crafting incredible animations with stringent regulations.

Working under the PC category, The Mercury had to create an entire animation that would fit on a floppy disk. For anyone familiar with PC assets that's a pretty prohibitive limitation, but using procedural generation techniques for geometry they were able to fit this entire piece on a 64kb executable. Considering how much visual information he was able to generate with Timeless, this is nothing short of mind blowing. These demo events are a challenge where programmers get to go flex their coding and creative muscle, and these just keep getting better and better year by year.

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